A Few Important Facts About No Win No Pay Lawyers in Australia

In Australia, the laws relating to compensation claims and solicitors differ from state to state. Various state and territory governments have their own thresholds for compensation claims, and there are contradictory laws enacted by each state and territorial government which makes compensation claims in Australia a bit of a mess. But if there’s one thing that’s common to all the states then it’s the policy of lawyers working for their clients on a ‘No Win No Pay’ basis.

No Win No Pay Lawyers, or solicitors who do not accept a fee if they do not win the case for the clients are an odd breed of lawyers that accept cases from poor clients who do not have the financial capacity to pay their lawyer upfront for the case. The reason for these lawyers to accept such cases seems to be a representation of their beliefs in the judiciary system and the desire to uphold the values of their legal practice. It would seem that as qualified lawyers, they accept cases on a no-win-no-pay basis in accordance with the government’s acknowledgement of legal representation being the cornerstone of a strong judicial system. The truth however is a little less romantic, and as a potential litigant one should consider all aspects before taking no win no pay lawyers into confidence.

Payment Options

The pay as you go option is where you can opt to make your payments in a monthly or quarterly system much like an easy monthly installment system. The pay as go option lets you break down the financial burden of the legal cost into small manageable units.

Always check with the lawyer you are hiring in advance to know about hidden legal costs. Read the fine print of any document carefully before signing. Lastly choose http://lawlermagill.com.au/ who can help you win your case with ease.


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