Accounting Software to help You Manage Your Accounting and Billing

May it be a small-sized to a large business, the accounting part is one of the most important areas in them. Managing invoices using an accounting software like CRM integrated with Xero is a must. Before installing such software, get to know first some of them.


No matter what field you are working in, Blinksale can be very useful software, which will help you in sending billing information to your clients for the products or services they have availed. The invoices can be sent in less than sixty seconds and can also be converted into a PDF form before sending. It is very efficient software, through which multiple clients and invoices can be handled. You could also send a thank you note with a professionally created invoice to please you clients even better.

CRM intergrated with XERO

With CRM that works with Xero, you can get multiple accounting and billing options and features. It is beautifully designed software which helps your business in being updated regarding the cash flows and the financial transactions, creating real time reports needed for any business, sending customized invoices to the client based on the additions and professionally getting paid online by scheduling bill payments which the software sends automatically to the clients.

CRM integrated with XERO also has an option of importing all your bank transactions directly and categorizing the bank invoices and credit card payments automatically, making it easy for you to reconcile your accounts and bills. Through XERO you can even authorize a reliable person to access your billing or accounting details with the help of unlimited user logins, making it easy to combine your finances.

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