Advantages of Having a Rock Wall

With a Rock wall’s unique appearance and durability, it can serve two purposes; they can be a decorative feature and a functional, stable foundation and they also offer a distinctive look to a landscape with a very important purpose. Anything made of rock or stone is indeed very stable and long lasting

It’s easy to build your own rock wall, since you can find good building rocks free for gathering everywhere besides that you’ll need only cement, sand, gravel and maybe some steel reinforcement for corners and lintels- have all that and your ingredients are complete to make your own wall now all you need are the methods you should use for it you can use any of several modern stonework forming methods that you can learn online or from an excellent manual, you simply don’t need the years of experience that were required of an old-fashioned freehand master stonemason.


There are a variety of stones or rocks to choose from that differ from its size, shape, texture and color and the designing of a rock wall is limited only to the imagination of the builder. Stone walls are attractive and are artistic structures their beauty is admired in building constructions such as old castles and old churches that have lasted for centuries and still exist until now for people feast their eyes upon its magnificent features.

Rock walls as house walls are bug-proof, fire-proof and they do not rot while some structures that are made of wood crumble and decay after 60 years or more well-built rock structures could last for a really long time depending on the stability of its environment. It also doesn’t catch on fire. So, compared to other homeowners that have wood-based houses you could save yourself the hassle from paying billions of dollars on home repairs caused by fire and wood-eating bugs that relentlessly burrow and gnaw on your home walls. Remember the story of the three little pigs? The third pig who decided to build his house out of rocks instead of straw or sticks was able to stand against the strong gust of wind that the big bad wolf blew and I’m sure that, that third little pig was able to sat back not worried about his house falling apart knowing that it’s as stable as can be, you can be like that little pig too and enjoy the comforts provided to you by your little or big stone-walled home.

Another advantage of such a house is that when you transfer to another place and decide to sell your rock house you could fetch a high price for it because of its scarcity in the market, durability and beauty.

Rock walls are great insulators too especially in moderate climates rock walls will keep you very comfortable. They slowly radiate warmth through the cool evenings and provide cooling in the interior of the structure during the day, keeping the temperature inside your home bearable even without air conditioning or electric fans which could save you another couple of bucks in home expenses.