All About Polished Concrete

If you will try to check some of your friends now, you will be surprised to see that some of them are having polished floors. Yes, that is true, polished floors are usually seen in business establishments only like in shopping malls, warehouses and similar places. But today, a number of homeowners are also having polished floors. It is because they are easy to install and if budget is tight, they are also affordable and wear out beautifully. If you are wondering how polished floor achieved its looks, it is actually like sanding a wood. However, in polishing floors, you need floor grinding equipment and you also need to do more passes on the floor compared to the wood. While polishing floors, you also need grinding discs and polishing pads. So, these are the materials needed in polishing floors so that the end result is glossy looking floors.

Here are some more facts about polished floors:

– Though almost any kind of concrete floors can be polished but just like the usual, there are some exemptions and those are floors that are saturated with oil and also those concrete floors that are most of the time exposed to acids. But aside from then, even those concrete floors that are already there for decades can still be polished and be turned into durable and glossy floors.


– Even concrete floors with radiant heat can still be polished since the heat is just beneath the surface. However, quality control should be observed so that depth will be ensured.

– Just imagining it, you might think that concrete polishing is a messy procedure. Yes, it could be as by grinding alone, you can just imagine the amount of dust that will be generated but then again, you should know that the grinder alone can absorb for about 98% of the dust and all you need to deal with is the remaining 2% that can be easily swept up. The good thing with concrete polishing though is you can’t expect irritating smells like that when you will have epoxy floors.

– There are might be some controversies about concrete being sustainable, but with floor polishing, you can trust that this is definitely sustainable. Thus you can say that the procedure is earth friendly as instead of finding other ways to cover the imperfections of slabs, waste will be minimized with floor polishing. Aside from that, this procedure is also LEED compliant.

– Though the polished floor is stain resistant, still just to be sure that there will really be no type of solution that can seep into the floor and generate bigger problem in the future, a sealant will be applied. In doing so, possible stains will just be on the surface.

So, these are some of the facts about polished floor. However, if there are still things that you want to know, just check online as for sure you will easily find some detailed explanation about the said procedure. The bottom line here is if your budget is tight, you can always choose polished concrete Gold Coast even in your own home.