Appliances to Use with a Camera for Perfect Wedding Videos

Well, you all know that the most important thing in a wedding shoot is a camera. However, a camera alone may not be enough.

A camera needs to be stable otherwise your work may become irrelevant. For camera stabilization, you will need several appliances that I will discuss below, to ensure perfect wedding videos.

A tripod that is solid that fluid head will serve you best. With a tripod, you can set it up and let a camera run as you attend other shoots.

You can also use monopods as they are cheaper than tripods, compact, versatile and lightweight. Although they are lightweight, they can hold an implausible amount of weight. It can be quickly adjusted with the ability to go from low angle shot to a high one within seconds. Additionally, they can maneuver through crowds, hence, can shoot footage in limited space and get out of the way instantly.

There is also handheld stabilizer such as merlin, Steadicams that do not require a battery or computer assistance to operate. These, work best during the reception as they can capture amazing dancing footage since you can work your way in and around the dance floor. And of course you just cannot follow the bride down the aisle with one of this for the obvious reason that, it is not your moment!

Having a camera slider attached to a tripod can perform an incredible job. This is because it adds some movements that make the footage more intriguing capturing everything from exteriors to signature books and photos end even a jib shot.

Adding an audio recorder is a plus. Your video recorder my not have the quality of sound that you need. Audio recorders on the other hand are made with a built-in microphone or the capabilities to plug in a mic. With that you are assured of quality sound. Well, your camera doesn’t have to be bad with sound, but still having a backup, is a smart move.

Talking of a backup plan, you also need a ton of memory cards or hard drive. For a wedding videos is like a small film, hence making shooting in small portions with different cards. Well, it may sound tedious, but is it not better than having one large card that if something went wrong you would lose everything.

Now you can make your wedding videos great and you increase your number of clients.