Areas a Commercial Plumber Can Cater To

What do kitchens, bathrooms and toilets have in common? These rooms are heavily reliant on a piping system in order to properly relay and separate the clean water from the waste water which will be used by the people using the these rooms present in a building. In order to make this possible, from the designing, to the installation, repair and maintenance, a commercial plumber can easily do those things. A commercial plumber is a not just a simple plumber; he or she is much more focused on a piping system that is present in a commercial setting which is much more demanding and slightly more complicated than the piping systems found in residential areas. A commercial plumber can work in any commercial unit he is assigned to but there are some areas which they are often called in for a specific task to address


An office is one such area that a commercial plumber is assigned to. A place like this usually requires a commercial plumber to perform regular maintenance on the bathroom or toilet areas which include cleaning and doing the necessary repairs in order to keep the toilets and sinks perfect for daily use by the employees of the said business or company. More importantly, regular maintenance on the bathrooms in offices helps in avoiding major problems that an area of this size will ever encounter.


A restaurant is another commercial setting that a commercial plumber takes care of. In restaurants, the most important area that the plumbers have to take good care of is the piping in the kitchen. While the bathroom or toilet is also important, the main area of a restaurant is the kitchen as it is the place where food is cooked and prepared in order to be served to patrons and customers. The water from the kitchen taps should continuously provide clean water which is needed to wash food and have the waste water carried out properly to its proper destination to make sure that it is hygienically transferred.


Housing units

Regardless if it is an apartment, a flat or a dormitory, a commercial plumber is also needed in a commercial building where it helps people live in their area albeit temporarily. These housing units will have a balanced concentration of the areas that a commercial plumber should take care of, namely the bathroom and kitchens. However, there may be other concentrations such as the heater which is needed during winter season. Keeping the plumbing maintained is good for areas like this as this is what a person would see as the home away from home.