Benefits of Matching your Furniture Upholstery to the Rest of your Home Linen

A home should always look inviting and pleasing to family, friends and guests. A huge part which contributes to this welcoming feeling is the use of the right furniture upholstery. Choosing the correct upholstery requires quite some patience and judgement, as it has to go well with the linens which are used inside the home. A few benefits of this matching are stated below for your convenience.

The house gets a themed look

A brown teak dining table which is covered with light green linen surely has to be combined with light green upholstery for the chairs of the dinning table. If the chairs are covered with brown upholstery completely, it may not quite well match the table and can make the area look dull. So in order to give the space a perfect themed look matching of the furniture upholstery with the colour of the linen becomes important. This also creates a balance in the room decor and makes the room look appealing.

Fabrics can be varied

It is not always necessary to use the same fabric for the upholstery as that of the linen used in your home. A little bit of mix and match can create wonders. You could use a floral pattern of your upholstery and match it with a striped linen pattern and still make the space look amazing. You can also use simple jute, wool or silk fabric on both your upholstery and linen and give it a matt and glossy finish to make the fabric look interesting. Your imagination surely has no bounds with the abundant variety of patterns which are available these days. Thus variations can be many; you just have to choose wisely.

The room does not look dull

If you use the same monotonous colour and design for the linen as well as the upholstery, you will eventually get bored. Also, you cannot change the upholstery regularly as in the case of home linens. So be clever and choose the right combination after proper matching. For furniture restoration, contact furniture upholsterer.

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