Blocked Drains Are A Pain

We turn a tap and water runs out, down the drain and is never to be seen again. We flush the toilet and the dirty water is carried away from our homes. Have you ever spared a thought to the plumbing and piping involved in these processes? We all too often take plumbing for granted and treat it as an essential when in fact for many it is a luxury.

Blocked drains are a real pain and can cause endless problems in the home. Blocked pipes can prevent your basins from clearing and the water from draining from the shower which results in a bath you did not intend on having. A blocked toilet is possibly the worst of the blocked drains scenarios and you will know what I am talking about if you ever flushed a toilet and the water, instead of clearing, just keeps filling up. Closing the lid doesn’t help and the water gushes over the seat edges and onto the floor.

Blocked drains besides being an irritation and inconvenience, can also be a health hazard to your family. Blocked drains are usually associated with stagnant pools of water which lie around the drain and these attract all kinds of pests. Rats and other vermin are common in sewage conditions and carry a range of diseases themselves.

Stagnant water pools and blocked drains are very dirty areas indeed. You must remember that the primary use of these drains is to carry dirty and soiled water away from our homes. If the pipes and drains are blocked, the water sits there and becomes dirtier and dirtier.

Blocked drains and pipes are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can cause illness which may even result in death. The pests which are attracted to these germ infested areas then enter our homes and pose an additional risk by spreading the bacteria over every surface that they come into contact with.

Drains and pipes bring with them odors that can really dampen the mood on a home. The odors become worse and worse the longer the drain remains blocked. These odors can cause headaches, mood altering, and in severe cases allergies and asthma.

Blocked drains are an emergency situation and must be rectified immediately. There are many things that can cause these blockages including excessive toilet paper put down the drain at one time, and even roots which have grown through underground pipes clogging them up.

Your local blocked drains plumber will be more than happy to assist you with clearing up any plumbing issues you may be experiencing.