What is Blogging ?

The word good is essentially a very relative word so there can be no fixed parameters to define the attributes of a good blog. Blogging has replaced personal diaries and the content of blogs varies from business tips to gardening to random thoughts.

Out of the huge sea of blog posts out there in blogosphere, there are a few that manage to catch your eye and touch your heart. These are the kinds of blogs that make you want to start blogging. So what are the attributes of a really eye catching blog?

Great blogs have a strong voice

A person blogs when he wants to express his opinion on a particular topic or event. When they are really interested, their personality spills over their content and gives the reader a glimpse of the person behind those lines. Good blogging will have a definite personality and the posts can be recognized to having been written by the same author even when they are placed in a different setting.

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Good blogs have a definite flow

There are a lot of differences between a blogger and hired writer. An independent blogger will show a certain level of craftsmanship, continuity and a thought process, essentially because what he is blogging about is personal and important to him.

Very good hired writers can also achieve the same effect but they have limitations of minimums and maximums, language and creativity constraints etc. If you can read a blog and are convinced that it is written by an independent blogger, it’s a good blog.

Good blogs break their own rules

A common phenomenon in all interesting blog reads is an element of twist and an intelligent sense of the contradictory. A regular formatted style of blogging is not likely to hold anybody’s interest for long. Indescribable element of weirdness like a sharp sassy comment or a completely thought provoking picture sets the blog apart.

A good blog has posts which are designed to make the reader stop and think. If this is not happening after every two weeks either the blogger is bored and disinterested or somebody has hired him.

Good blogs will make you want to try

98% of bloggers are content with producing grammatically correct and factually accurate content. The other 2% go that extra mile by trying to make the reader understand and agree to their point of view. This is the differentiation between an “okay” blog and a really great one. A good post will make you sign up for Blogger world or Word press.

Four elements of good blog designs

The design of a good blog should have some kind of structure and an uncomplicated layout. The viewer should be able decipher the content and meaning quickly.

A good blog design will allow the eye to glide around its components. If the design is lopsided, the reader’s focus will tilt in that direction.

A good blog will have a pleasing and relevant colour scheme; there are several online tools to assist with this.

A good blog has plenty of white space and clarity in design which draws the reader’s attention towards the content.

What’s your business plan?

If you find good investors for your business you need to present them with a well documented business plan. This should include an executive summary, market research, marketing plan, financial plan and operations strategy. Any good investor / bank will first scrutinise your plan before agreeing to finance you.