What do house builders need to build a house?

Building a house is not easy as what it seems. When a team of house builders are called in for a job, they have three important things they need with them in order for them to start building a client’s dream house. Otherwise they won’t be able to proceed with building it. Here are three important things house builders need prior to erecting a house.

Blue print

A blue print is one the most quintessential requirement need for house builders to make a house. A blue print, which identified for the blue colored paper it is printed on, is a guide which shows the complete and exact details of a structure to be made, from the floor plan of every to the outside appearance to the house and even the electrical and plumbing layouts. However, before a client acquires a blue print, he or she must visit the house builders and have a consultation session with the company’s consultant. When everything is discussed the architect or civil engineer assigned to the project will produce a blue print which is made in accordance to how the client wishes for it to appear.

Building permits

When everything is set with the blue prints prepared and the necessary contracts have been signed and initial payments have been paid, the next important set of documents needed are the building permits. These building permits are often acquired by the client themselves unless if the house builders specifically mentioned that they would include procuring this in behalf of the client as a part of their service. Building permits are documents that are required by the local government in order to make sure that the construction process is safe and has followed the correct standards. Without these building permits, the house can’t be erected.


When the documents are ready, then the building can begin. House builders take care of the materials needed for the construction depending on what the client and the company has agreed on. Usually they would create the base of the house using cement while other details can be made out of wood such as the stairs, windows and doors. Other materials for fixtures such as floor tiles, kitchen counters and the like are dependent on what the client wishes to have and these can be made out of marble, wood or steel. These materials makes the house that appeared on the blue prints turn into reality.