Caravan Storage – Various Options You Have

One should plan well in advance of the place they will store their caravan before buying and bringing them home, otherwise this could pose a big dilemma. It is good to remember that these vehicles are relatively big, so you would need enough space to store and be able to maneuver around without posing any risk that would damage the van or any the surrounding structure. This brings the question of where one can store their caravans.

Among the most popular places that people store their caravans is within their property, this is because it is the cheapest option available. This can be done on the driveways, that is if there enough room left, or in front or back yards. Be cautious when parking on nature strips since many councils give fines to persons who do this. More still, it’s not recommended for one to park in front of the house if not fenced. It is safer to place them on a well secured caravan storage facility instead.

There are a number of parks that provide caravan storage on permanent rental or can buy a parking space which one can store their caravan vans throughout the year. This would be good if you have some preferred camping place and you have no tendency of holidaying anywhere else, since you can make your van a semi permanent structure. The main problem that this option poses is that the distance could be far from the place you live, meaning you cannot frequent the place to check it out as regular as one would like to.

Caravan Storage in Gold Coast

If the above options are not suitable enough for your caravan storage, there is an option of taking it to an open- air storage site. These are ideally open fields that people park their caravan when they are not in use. For you to have the luxury of parking your caravan there and picking it whenever they want to, one has to part with an annual fee to enjoy this parking privilege. In terms of security, it is a better option than the above two, only that your van is exposed to some elements.

The most expensive though the most secure option to store your caravan could be the indoor sites. These types of caravan storage are mostly fitted with CCTV cameras that guarantee ultimate protection. They provide with a pin number entry that are closely supervised by security guards. Deciding to keep your caravan in such a place would help you reduce insurance premiums.

For many, holiday makers storing their caravan vans would be a problem they would have to face, but there are different solutions for this at different costs to suit everyone. If it is not affordable for you to keep your van on the available indoor storage site, you can opt for a cheaper option or even store it at home. If this is not possible, look for a friend with a lot of spare space to keep it for you.