Choosing Office Water Coolers

Your office needs to have supply of safe, fresh and chilled water for all the employees and even visitors coming in. When choosing from wide array of water coolers, you have to make sure you consider important factors so you will never go wrong. Read on this article to get some tips:

Assess the area of the office to find out where you should place the water cooler. The cooler needs to be in the plain and sturdy floor. The location must be also near the socket if you buy a dispenser cooler; but if you think about buying the plumbed one, you need to make sure the cooler is placed near the water pipe.

Water coolers can come as bottled or plumbed coolers. In terms of price, bottled water cooler is cheaper than plumbed. But if you want that constant supply of water, you better have the plumbed one. As to style, there are also stylish water coolers you can choose from but of course, they are expensive too. You can browse online or visit a seller for various models to choose from. Also there are options on whether you will buy or just rent water coolers for your office.

Looking for a supplier of water is also crucial. You can either decide to have distilled water or just tap water. When choosing a supplier, you have to bear in mind the following:


• Water coolers need to be sanitized, make sure you dealer offers regular cleaning and sanitation.

• Find out the delivery schedule so you will know how many galloons to order in the case of the bottled coolers. It is better to have contract with suppliers that deliver regularly and frequently.

• You also need to know the water cooler options they offer and if you choose to have plumbed one, who will do the installation and also figure out how much will the cost be.

• It is also important that the supplier will offer a free trial for the use of their water coolers before you will sign a contract.

• The taste of water may not be the same but make sure the supplier has adhered to the regulation standards for water delivery and you should also know where their water comes from.

• Always choose the supplier of water coolers in Sydney who will immediately respond to your concerns. If you need repairs and cleaning, they must come to your office right away.