Choosing Party Themes and Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Kids grow up pretty fast, don’t they? And for parents who love their little bundle of joy, it is important to keep a note of all the things their child did while growing up and rejoice in all the special moments. Birthdays are one of those annual events which not only mark a year gone by in your kids growth, but also give you an opportunity to celebrate the past year in a unique and special way. No wonder then that there are so many varied themes and ideas for kids of different ages, as with every passing year your kid becomes a little more familiar with the world around him and his tastes and likes and dislikes change. The birthday themes are a reflection of your child’s ‘worldly’ knowledge, if one could call it that.

Things to remember when organising the party

Now for smaller kids, birthdays are both a fun time as well as a time for meeting and greeting strangers which can get on their nerves. Even the most well behaved kid can have spurts of anxiety and nervousness when present in an overwhelming scenario filled with a lot of people. The trick therefore is to limit the crowd, and have a party theme that the child is comfortable with. This way you ensure that your child is not left overwhelmed and scared by everything around him. So while you can use your imagination to put together something wonderful for your five year old, you also need to ensure that the birthday party supplies give him a feeling of belonging and opportunities for expression.

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