Commonly Used Type of Bathtub Shapes

A bathtub s a huge container shaped object which is suitable for accommodating a person who wishes to take a bath. Modern versions of bathtub are made up of acrylic or fiberglass but there are other alternatives made in waterproofed wood, cast iron, steel or even fortified enamel. Bathtubs may or may not have a shower system attached to it. There are several shapes of bath tubs to choose from.

Rectangle and square shaped bath tubs

Bathtub shapes should be chosen on the basis of the free area available in the washroom. If your space is less then you should choose a bathtub which fits in the corner of your bathroom. A rectangular or square shaped bathtub will solve the purpose and save a lot of space. These bathtubs have been in vogue for years and traditionally these were the only options available in bath tubs. These bath tubs are all built in but recently they have become available in free standing and sunk in shapes.

Small sized baby bathtubs

These tubs were designed with the specific purpose of bathing infants especially toddlers who have not gained sufficient body balance yet. These tubs are usually round or slightly oval in shape and they are quite small in size. Water usually flows down from another source and fills up the baby bathtub. The shape of the bathtubs is designed so that the baby can recline peacefully and safely while its head will always stay out of water.

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