Reasons Why Some Companies Insist on Business Suits

While most of the firms nowadays tend to relax their employees’ dress code, thus allowing these employees to wear casual business suits instead of the traditional corporate attire, some companies still insist on keeping their employees to dress the old way. Although some of them may already have considered allowing dress code changes to happen, there are still some factors which prevented them from implementing the new dress code rule. If it has to do with professionalism and work value, let’s try to find out.

1) Confusion among workers and employees. Some companies encounter bigger problems when it comes to new dress code policy. The words “appropriate”, “businesslike” or “professional” seem vague when used to describe the proper dress code, which brings confusion among the workers and employees, and makes them uncomfortable when it comes to interpreting the proper way to dress for work.

2) The situation is being taken advantage of by some employees. Due to the vagueness of how casual business suits are being described, some employees take advantage of this dress code policy in order to express themselves to the extremes. This has caused some companies to ban halter tops, stretch pants, jeans, collarless shirts and other types of clothing that may already seem inappropriate for work.

Corporate Suits

3) Employees tend to work less seriously. Some companies have claimed that their employees tend to work less seriously during dress down day. This somehow makes sense, because if employees wear something that they are comfortable with, they tend to be more relaxed and therefore, their tasks at hand could be taken in a less serious manner. It’s not only their physical appearance that has the potential to change, but also their behavior towards work.

4) Formal business suits provides equalizing factor. This is most probably the best reason of all, which benefits the new hire big time. If everyone is required to wear formal business suits, then it would be hard for people to determine the CEO, the manager, the supervisor and the new hire. This gives the new hires leverage, and they tend to be taken more seriously during business meetings.

These are only few of the many reasons why most firms still insist of keeping their dress codes the traditional way. All of the reasons make sense, though, because as far as the working environment goes, employees should wear and act professionally and businesslike. Proper dress code gives them the reason to be like that.