Custom Designing Your Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas in our home. This is where we prepare our foods. Installing a glass kitchen splashback is a good idea for it. When you want to integrate a customised flashback into your home it’s obvious that you will have a specific design in mind.

Finalise the design and the colour scheme

You may have a detailed concept in your mind for your kitchen renovation project, but it’s important to consult your designer about the practical applications of your idea. It’s important to consider the overall look of your house and the colour scheme of your kitchen before finalising your splashback design.

It’s important to talk over design concepts with a professional home designer  or an interior designer because he/ she is an expert at identifying which colour schemes and designs would work best for your home. It’s advisable to implement the changes your interior designer tells you to do because he/ she has a better idea of coordinating colours and textures.

Take a rough coloured sketch of how you want your splashback to be and show it to your designer. A sketch will be more efficient at conveying your design sensibilities than a regular verbal description.

Review the progress

Treat the re-designing of your kitchen as a project which has a certain set of milestones. It’s advisable to remodel your kitchen with new cabinetry, countertops, lights and tiles along with installing the splashback so that the entire effect looks stunning. If you have assigned the turnkey remodeling of your kitchen to your designer, then it’s important to do a periodic review of the project progress.

On the other hand, if you are only installing a splashback then follow up with your designer after each of the various stages like material procurement, designing, installation and finishing. Make the final payment only after you have and seen the final product and are satisfied with it.

Glass kitchen stainless steel splashback’s surfaces are usually made up of resilient materials and do not absorb the spills or splashes immediately. But if it is left over on the surface for a long time, it may have to be rubbed off many times to get a clean surface. This eventually takes away the shine and polish. So the best way to keep away the spills is to clean it with a dry cloth when it is still fresh and keep the stainless steel all neat and tidy the whole time. This also reduces repeated cleaning procedure for you.

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