DIY: Decoration Planning for Special Occasions

Planning a party of any likes can be stressful; you have to consider lot things from food, guests, reception and of course decorations. That is why there are stores which offer complete packages from reception, decorations and foods. But nothing beats the feeling of achievement when you accomplish certain things that are needed in your own party or loved ones’ party especially in the decorations.

Decorating the place of celebration eats up a lot of time; you have to plan for themes, motifs and balloons. Which is why this is a simple guide to help you out with planning specific things for several occasions like balloons.

Birthday party usually requires fun and colorful environment. Printed balloons Sydney are must have, you can mix primary colors for the balloons such as combination of blue and pink, red and white. You can either choose a football or rugby club colors. Usually the characters in the printed balloons are simple as plain text like happy birthday or it can be images of cartoon characters for kids. There are some stores who offer custom designing which you can decide on what to put in the printed balloons.

Wedding parties often have gold, silver, ivory or white theme. The base colors of balloons are usually white with combination of pink, green, ivory and lilac. The balloon choice is usually depends on the motif of the wedding. Plain latex ordinary balloons are the most common use. Few printed balloons for greetings, table design or centerpiece. You can use heart shaped balloons for decoration purposes.

Christenings or baptismal celebrations use color combination of balloons such as pale blue and white for male or white and pink for female. You can put the baby’s name in the printed balloons, add some accessories like ribbons or cards. Some parents decide to have a balloon sculptures in the reception.

A graduation party uses a combination of black and white and usually is printed with congratulations texts or images.

When planning an event it is best to get your own event organizer which in the long run helps you save effort, time and money. Usually event organizer plans all the details according to what you want and needs. Discuss everything and communicate often to come up with the desired results. But if you are planning to do the decoration of your own it is much wiser to see first the availability of materials and enough manpower to help you because you cannot decorate on your own. Always keep this basic rules in mind for a stress-free decoration days; Be organized and start early, create a theme and keep it simple.