Engagement Gifts

If you plan on buying designer jewellery brands for your friend then you can think of some personalised gift ideas. Photo frames with the name of the happy couple engraved on it or a collage of pictures of the engaged couple will be the perfect gift idea if you do not have a very extensive budget and yet want to achieve a great impression.

You can also get him and her bath towel sets, matching coffee mugs with pictures and a special message printed on them or photo albums with the name of the couple inscribed on top. These gifts are sure to thrill the receiver as they are personalised and thoughtful.

Chocolates and homemade confectionery

Chocolates are universally preferred and they also act as an aphrodisiac which is why they have always been popular for romantic occasion gifts. Just look at the hike of sales figures of chocolates on Valentine’s Day and you will understand. You can put together a beautiful hamper of chocolates for the couple or you can buy one of the readymade gorgeous ones. Just make sure that you know the preferences in terms of flavor, milk content and specific ingredients of the person you are going to gift the hamper to. If you are good at baking then a jar of chocolate chip homemade cookies with an elaborate red bow on the top can be a perfect gift for the engagement.


Whatever may be the origin, name and type of diamond you may be thinking of buying online, it is important to look for valid certifications. Valid certifications include hallmarks too. Not only will a reliable brand offer these certifications when selling a genuine stone, they will give you guarantee certificates and ensure that the hallmark stamp is present too. A stone with a hallmark signifies that it is authentic. These are very important signs to assess your diamond and to get your money’s worth.

Assess your budget

You have to go with a budget. Diamonds are not a cheap asset to buy. If you have more money to spend, it would make sense to buy different types of diamonds in different cuts and shapes. Based on your finances, you can opt for smaller carats or bigger ones.
However, if you have limited money to buy, choose a bigger solitaire in higher carats. One single stone will be a worthy investment and won’t necessarily be as expensive when you buy it loose. You can accordingly get it made by a jeweller and set the way you want as a pendant or ring at a kater stage.