Exciting Activities in Fiji for the Holidays

Fiji is one of those places that are not so popular but possesses a beauty like no other. Fiji is a small place that has a lot of beautiful places where vacationers could go to and visit. There are a lot of exciting activities that can be done and a lot of beautiful tourist spots that can be visited. Many people are going to Fiji holiday vacations because the place itself is already a good place to visit. Also, Fiji has a lot of places that have a natural beauty. The people in Fiji have enhanced its beauty but the natural look of the place is still there.

You should really consider visiting Fiji for a holiday vacation and you really will not regret it. Do exciting and visit good places and just enjoy the place.

1. Experience the culture in Nadi.

The Fiji people in Nadi have a completely different culture that you should really experience. You can do a weekend trips in their open air souvenir market where you will surely find cool things to bring home for your friends. There are also traditional Fijian Crafts that you should see like their famous wooden cava, hand painted forks, their cannibal scepter and many others. The new environment that will surround you will really be overwhelming and you can really say that it is one of the best holiday vacations that you have since you get to experience completely different things and visit places that you can never see in cities full of vehicles crowding the road with large buildings on the side. Do not forget their tasty treats like their fish curry and spiced roti. You will surely love these dishes because these are the famous dishes of Nadi that most tourists always want to taste.

2. Explore the place called Beqa.

Beqa on the south coast of Fiji has a lot of exciting things that you should see. They have beach resorts where their seas are full of coral reefs and beautiful fishes that you dive to. It is actually a diving spots for tourists who love nature and want to see the depths of the sea that has beautiful coral reefs. The depth of their sea is approximately 50 ft. But this is not something that you should be afraid of because there will be people who will assist you in the diving spot and will be there to help you whenever you are in need of them. There is also another thing in Beqa that you should see, the tribe who is living in there and welcomes tourists with open arms. This tribe is known for their fire walking and has been famous all over the world. It is something new to see and you really will enjoy the kind of entertainment that you will experience when you are with them. These people are of no harm so there is nothing that you should be afraid. You just have to witness their amazing culture and see how different their lives are from what you have.