Face painting kits: what goes with it?

Face painting is a form of art that uses the human face as a canvass of the artist. Face paints are used in order to let this come to fruition and different designs can be put on the face. The human face can be transformed into animals, painted on with decorative eye masks or the mask of a famous superhero or even awe-inspiring tribal symbols. Face painting kits are available for purchase in stores or even online but the question is what do these kits usually come with? Here are some materials generally found in face painting kits.


Face paint

A face painting kit is nowhere without the face paint as this is the most important tool needed to perform the said activity. A face painting kit would have at least three (3) different colours of paint for the customer to use but can be as many as twelve (12) or even sixty-four (64) depending on the kit available. These face paints can come in several types and can have different effects and application methods but the most common type of face paint used for these kits are usually cream-based and are easy to apply and remove.

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The second next important material found in a face painting kit is the painting brush. These brushes can come in ones, twos or threes depending on how large the kit is. These brushes appear just like makeup brushes and they do just the very same purpose. However, face painting brushes may not be easy to clean and will require several steps in order to keep it clean, sanitary and ready for the next use. Face painting brushes can come in different shapes and sizes and can create different effects depending on the design it goes with.


Instruction book

Instruction books are often included in face painting kits. These instruction books contain tips and tricks on how to do specific designs as well as achieve different colour combinations and artistic effects. Instruction books are perfect especially for people who are new to this hobby as these are effective means to guide these beginners in their first venture in face painting. Instruction books will often come with step-by-step instructions to properly guide the readers from the most basic applications until the advanced. While instruction books found in kits have limited content, some make sure that the information they have published will take the user further into his or her face painting hobby.