Facts on Air Conditioning Installation

An air conditioner provides comfort, especially during hot, summer months. If there is a need for you to replace your old one, there are some air conditioning installation facts that you need to know.

Selecting the right one for you

Before you purchase a new air condition unit, you need to look for an air conditioning installation company which can help you decide which model is right for you. Firstly, you need to know if you have the appropriate wiring for the new unit and if ever you do not have one, can your place accommodate the wirings to be installed. You may also have the need to avail the services of electricians for the additional wirings.

The company that provides air conditioning installation can also help you decide as to the number of horse power that is efficient for the room where you will place the new unit. The size of the room is the basis as to the number of horse power required. Likewise, the company that provides air conditioning installation will also check the height of the ceiling, the location of the room because these are factors that affect the temperature in a room.

The company that provides HVAC service can give you advice as to which type of unit will work well.

The types of air conditioning units are: fixed air conditioning units which are the traditional box type which are perfect for small rooms. The split system air conditioners units have two sections- the one installed inside the room and the one installed outside of the room and the connection of the two is through a refrigerant piping. The ducted air conditioning systems are installed on the ceilings of the home. There are also two sections- the compressor is installed outside while the indoor unit is installed on the ceiling.

The importance of professional installers

Air conditioning installation have the proper training and license when it comes to air conditioning installation and they are the ones who must handle refrigerants such as air conditioning unit, more so if the type of air conditioning unit to be installed is either split or ducted air condition units. During the installation process, the refrigeration lines must be free from moisture to prevent erosion to occur in the compressor. If erosion occurs, the air condition unit will not work properly.

The air conditioning installation company also provides maintenance and service to their clients.