Features of a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are a rage in several households and commercial places. They are a great place to relax and enjoy. Plunge pools occur naturally in several places – formed when water falls from a great height, creating a depression that has great amounts of depth. This makes the place suitable for swimmers who would like to deep-dive or plunge into the water from a certain height. Almost similar environment can be reciprocated by hiring professionals for plunge pool designs and installation eventually, near your swimming pool, garden or backyard.

Easy maintenance

Plunge pools are very easy to maintain as compared to swimming pools. You will not have to spend huge bucks heating the pools, covering them, adding chemicals to clean them or taking care of other things. As the amount of water and the width of the pool is less, you can easily heat them or cover them with regular covers. Cleaning too is pretty simple and doesn’t require hiring professionals.

Massage therapy/ Saunas

A lot of plunge pools are accompanied with a sauna or a spa – a good way to enjoy your time in the water and have a great sauna session. You can also have water jet machines installed through which you can undergo natural body massage through the use of targeted water jets. You can even create an artificial whirlpool in the pool for a light, full body massage.

Temperature control

Plunge pools have this great feature of getting heated/ cooled very soon. This is because the area and the volume of water is less. You can spend less time and money on heating or cooling the water as per your requirement. You don’t need heavy machines either.

Outdoor umbrella should be place near your swimming pool. You can also use a shade sail on it.