Features Of Our Seasonal Whale Shark Tour

Whale sharks don’t often arrive on the island all the time, but they are considered as one of the finest attractions during their season. During March to July, these fishes arrive near our island for them to stay. This is a very great opportunity for you to consider as it will give you an experience of lifetime once you take a swim with these creatures.

If you ever want to enjoy a nice way to take a swim with whale sharks, then be sure to check out our package. We make sure that you will be able to have a nice swim with these beautiful marine animals once you start booking on our end. Here are some of the features that our tour package contains for your convenience:

A Boat Ride

Once you book for a tour with these prestigious whale sharks, you will instantly gain access to the vessel. The vessel contains a lot of features that will help you navigate throughout the seas, and they also provide relaxation for all of your needs. There are lots of features in it that will surely make your trip very comfortable.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are available to those who will book a tour so then you will be able to enjoy free meals while you’re taking a vacation. A wide variety of food is offered such as meats, salads, tea, and all of those are served in a buffet for you to savor.

Knowledgeable Staff

Thanks to our staff who’s very knowledgeable in taking care of the sea, they know what will be the best time for doing a whale shark swim. They will also guide you well on what to do whenever the fishes are around. Safety measures will be given to those who want to take a swim with these large sea creatures. Rest assured that your safety will be well-handled by our staff, and that’s a feature that we’re very proud of.

Fast Transaction Guaranteed

What made our service extremely convenient for your needs is the fact that we guarantee fast transaction. We will make sure that your booking will be done in just a few minutes once you try and get our services, and it’s also a secured type of deal.

All you have to do now is to start booking for our services via phone or online so then you will be able to finally take a Whale Shark swim and enjoy the wonders of the marine world. It’s worth the purchase, and lower prices are provided for groups!