Freight Forwarding Around the World

Nowadays, importing and exporting goods have been rampant throughout the world. Even in one’s family whose mother or father or relative is working abroad, international packages are always sent. Ever wondered how these things are done? Have it occured to your mind that no matter how far these places are, mountains and oceans in between, all these goods are still sent and received in its best condition? Freight has been present for many thousands of years. As our civilization gets larger in number, freight forwarding has been increasingly important. Earth is diverse and not all areas have resources. Its main goal is to deliver the needs of mankind from one place to another. To evenly distribute the resources.

For the past centuries, it is evident in merchants who travel by boats or ships just to sell or bargain their wools to another country. That goes the same with today’s process. Freight forwarder is a person or company that organizes shipments of products for individuals or corporation. Forwarders make a contract with a carrier to move these packages. Basically, it is not the forwarder himself who move the goods but only serve as a middleman.

Most often, International freight forwarders and custom brokers often charge for transferring documents or goods to another company at destination. Well ordered and accurate documentation is really important for a successful export order and payment for delivery. In preparing to move the goods, freight forwarders must receive clear and exact instructions from the importer or exporter. This can be sent thru email or fax. Documents should be in writing to avoid


any miscommunications and later on can turn into big problems. Standard practice over air freight is to hand the documents to the driver collecting the goods. Other documents include invoices, packing lists and licenses. If you are planning to send hazardous goods, responsibility declarations also lie with the shipper. Documents actually vary from the mode of transport: for air freight– there is air waybill, for sea freight– there is bill of loading, and for road freight– CMR consignment note is needed.

Freight forwarders offer services like packaging goods. If you want to send a package, let them do the packing because they are experts in this field. Remember that your package will travel a long way to reach its destination so precautions must be taken. You, as customers must know in first place the fragility of the goods you want to send. It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder to ensure that the package must be in good condition when delivered as when received.

In transporting dangerous goods, national and international legislation must take cover. Freight forwarders are not allowed to come in direct contact with these goods even though they are the one who are in charge with passing the instructions or the documents to those who are allowed. They should also take good care of these goods since it is still their responsibility. Different modes of transport also have different compliance in requirement regulations.