Get Oriented With The Different Types Of Shower Screens

Can you imagine your bathroom without shower screen or have you seen a bathroom without one? Well, maybe there are some bathrooms without one if the bathroom is quite small. However, if you have a spacious bathroom and the toilet and the bathroom is in one room, then I think you really need to install a shower screen. The shower screen can function in many ways. For one it can act as the splashback so that the toilet part will not get wet when someone is taking a bath. Aside from that, it can also enhance the look of your bathroom especially that there are many types of shower screens to choose from and each type comes with a number of designs and even colors. In fact, if you will plan to purchase a shower screen, it would be best if you will allot enough time so that you can really choose well.

So, to assist you, check out below for the different types of shower screens:


– The first type is the shower screen with the pivot door. With this type of shower screen, the panels are fixed in place except of course the door which will be pivoted either inward or outward to be opened.

– There is also the sliding door type of shower screen. There are one or more panels that are fixed I this type of shower screen and this will be pushed so that it will overlap with the other panels in a sliding move to open up and close.

– You can also decide to install the corner shower screen. This type is equipped with two or more fixed panels. This type is meant to be installed in one of the corners of the bathroom. This type uses a pivotal type of door.

– Another type is the fix and swing shower screen. In here, there is one fixed panel and one swinging door. The door in this type is just like your usual doors that will only open outward thus it needs a good enough space.

So these are the type of shower screens that you can choose from. Aside from these options though, you can also choose whether you will have the semi frameless, framed, or fully frameless. Know that the most expensive option is the fully frameless being it is all glass. Your shower screen will be fully transparent though you can use tinted glass if you don’t like the fully transparent part.

As for the fully framed shower screen, aluminum is installed in all sides of the panels while the semi-frameless is those kinds of shower screens where the framed part is the outer portion of the panels only.

So, these are your options in choosing a shower screens. It is up to you now which one to choose. Just make sure though that your choice will match with the other fixtures of your bathroom so that it will look like your bathroom is part of a big set.

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