Getting a Signage Makeover

A usual company signage would include the company name and probably product or service details in brief. Try to give the content a twist. You may not feel that you can do much with the content considering that the signages need to be small in size. But you can experiment with adding a creative tagline or two with the company name for more effect. Use a line that urges customers to explore your company products more.

Change the shape

A simple decision that involves changing the shape of the signages outside your office may also work to your advantage in the long run. If you have had square shaped signages outside the main office entrance of your building, it might make sense to opt for round ones for a change. Choose a shape that will allow you to fit your preferred content and design style into it. Keep in mind that the shape should be different from the previous one and that it should go with the overall look and theme of the company.

LED Signs Screens

There are several instances when LED signs are left on, even when they were not required to be. It happens because many times you forget to turn off the lights. For example at late nights, when no one is there is to see LED sign screens, but still they are kept on, cause a lot of energy wastage.

You can make such settings in the remote control, which will automatically turn on and turn off the signs at fixed time. Without getting bothered about turning off LED signs at right time, you can save plenty of power with auto cut feature.

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