Gravel’s Take On The Pavement

While it has been becoming widely popular with the growing trend of perpetuating the house’s looks and appeal through the paving of the drive way, many people in Australia have made them more prone and diverted their attentions towards the driveway of the house and use gravel materials in the endeavors of paving them. While gravel has been used extensively and the strong influence of their unique charismatic out looks these materials are very cost effective and compliment the house’s color when correctly applied with the right house and the right type of gravel shapes such as tilted and the oval ones.

The paving contractors has been immensely serving different homes around and with their following advantages; they make for the best choice available for paving of the drive ways.


The biggest problem according to many people in the country when looking for the correct material is the cost and the maintenance cost of the material every year. These charges help the paving to look more unique and fresh rather than completely ruined and out dates. For gravel paving the cost of installing them has been proved to be quite cheap and affordable as compared to other types of paving materials in the market such as limestone and bricks. The maintains of the these gravels pavings are also very easy as they require topping off and often surface re volumes every six months because of the depression formed when the rocks fly off or become loose. The professional help for the maintenance of gravels has been rendered off by many Australians as the DIY methods have been recommended more.

Apart from all the advantages many gravel paving owners have faced, there have been many complications also related to such materials such as the following

1) Snowfalls

The Australian climate experiences different months filled with complete snowfall and a cold atmosphere which results in bad news for the owners who have installed gravels in pavings. The effort required to shift ice from uneven surfaces can take a lot of efforts from the people.

2) Dirt

Gravels have a unique tendency to attract more dirt as compared to other materials because of their porous nature and their uneven tracks which make the tires of cars release the dirt.

3) Weed

The biggest disadvantages posed to gravel pavings owners are the nuisance of different weed grass growing in between the gravels thus destroying the image of the drive way whereas rain water which seeps in to the ground between the driveway gravels can form puddles which splash when tires run over them.