Guide to Buying Campervans for Sale

Campervan for sale Perth can be a very good way of seeing any place and choosing a campervan instead of a caravan is a matter of personal preference. There may be reservations about towing a caravan around instead of tracking a single vehicle, and there may be parking problems in parking the car and caravan or it could depend on the type of travelling intended. If the driver prefers to stop for the night, he probably doesn’t want the bother of connecting and disconnecting the caravan from the car every day. The difference between a campervan and a caravan lies in size and performance. A caravan may also offer more facilities because it is larger and facilitates could include a bathroom, toilet and shower, better kitchen facilities and so on. The campervan is far more basic and may be the better option if there are only two of you. For larger families, a motor home would be much more comfortable.


Campervan for sale would on average cost around three times as little as a motorhome. New campervans can cost much more, depending on the market. Buying new means writing of the outlay on VAT so second-hand would definitely be cheaper. Obviously, it depends on the model and the condition of the vehicle, but used motorhomes seem to hold prices well. Obviously, motorhomes are much more comfortable, but for two people, a campervan is more than enough though it could accommodate another one or two people if a tent is used at night. For fuel efficiency, age is a critical factor, but obviously campervans are far more economical to run than motorhomes, which can be real gas hogs.


Insurance costs for campervan for sale vary depending on the type of vehicle, but it should be ensured that the insurance cover includes damage to awnings, camping equipment and personal baggage though a lower premium can be negotiated. If engine immobilizers are used. Parking is a major consideration for motorhomes or campervans because one does not want to be stuck without any place to park. The off street parking, which may be being used for the car did not necessarily accommodate a motorhome. In many cases, it is against the law to sleep in the campervan or motorhome when parked on the street and local regulations should be checked to ascertain whether there are any local restrictions of any kind. In addition, there may well be conditions in the insurance policy regarding parking as well as issues with neighbours.


Campervan for sale may or may not require a special driving license, depending on when the driving test was passed and the weight of the vehicle. In any case, the potential driver should be prepared to pass a new driving test. Servicing and annual maintenance costs for campervans for sale will be more than for motorhomes, but the car towing the motorhome has also to be taken into account.