Guides in Choosing your Carpet Cleaner

Carpet adds sophistication to a home, apart from the fact that they are very comfortable to walk-on, especially without shoes on. However, they get pretty soiled over a period of time even if you clean it with your household vacuum cleaner. Add to that the fact that carpets are the perfect host for mites to propagate. For these reasons, you need to hire the services of a carpet cleaner at least once a year.

It is not necessary to have your carpet cleaned by the carpet cleaner in Adelaide on a weekly basis, as the regular household vacuum cleaner can do the job. But a thorough cleaning is needed annually to effectively remove the dirt and mites that lie on the deep layers of the carpet. Plus, the professional carpet cleaner knows how to remove smell and stains from the carpet. There are many cleaners online that claim to provide you with a thorough kind of clean but you also have to be very discerning as it is the cleanliness of your home that is at stake when it comes to hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Training seminars

Carpet cleaning is different as it involves removing deep seated dirt, mites and eggs, stain and odor removal, plus the removal of loosened threads. There are training seminars that must be attended first by the carpet cleaner before he is qualified to clean carpets-either residential or office carpets. If not properly trained, your carpet might be damaged due to the improper dilution and use of chemicals. Staining and fiber damage can result if the carpet cleaner is not knowledgeable on how to handle soiled and damaged carpets. Not only that, the other furniture in your home can also get damaged or stained.

Cleaning method

After visiting your place, the carpet cleaner must explain to you the appropriate cleaning method for your carpet. The location of your home is a big factor as humidity plays an important role in the length of drying time. If the carpet does not get dried in two days, it will start to emit an odor. Thus, the carpet cleaner must employ the dry powder method of carpet cleaning.

But if your carpet is heavily soiled, the cleaner might suggest the shampoo method but you have to ask if driers will be used to speed-up the drying time of the carpet.


The price must not be based on per room basis but on per square inch size of the carpet. Each room has different sizes so you get your money’s worth if the carpet cleaner will charge you on the total size of the carpet to be cleaned.