Hiring an Escort for the First Time

Websites of professional agencies or individual escorts have telephone numbers or chatting facilities through which you can connect before booking. While this provides a good opportunity to customers to check out the actual escorts; as a customer you too should proper etiquette towards the escort. Never provide lurid personal details about yourself or ask the same of your escort. Never probe for personal details or ask questions that are likely to make the escort uncomfortable. Do not haggle over rates…if the rates are too high; just say so politely and hang up. The escort may immediately reject your proposal if you try to woo her through pornographic mails or similar suggestions.

Show up in Top Shape

Even though escorts are hired help, this does not mean you should not make an effort to look smart and nice. Always shave and shampoo and take a shower before your escort arrives. Take special care to clean your mouth as nothing can be a bigger killjoy than foul breath. Clean your nails too and wear clean clothes (especially undergarments). Do not be drunk or under the influence of drugs when your escort arrives.

Treat your Escort Fairly

Treat your escort like a lady and arrange to drop her off properly once the date or party is over. If the escort is coming over for more personal encounters, do not grope her at the very onset. Give her time to settle down, have a drink together and strike up meaningful conversations. Here again, never ask personal details or questions that might embarrass her.