How Can The Team Leader Be A Part of Team Building Activities

As a team leader, it is important that you be a part of team building activities as well. Not only does this give you an opportunity to get to know your team better and gauge their weaknesses and strengths, but also establish a rapport with each one of them which will help you in the coming days.

The new hires too will be encouraged to take part in the ice breaking sessions once they see their leader up on the stage letting his hair down. The presence of the team leader inspires confidence and gets the team on their feet, so as the alpha of the team, it is your moral duty to have a fun time with the rest of your pack!

What should you focus on?

At such team building sessions, you should begin with an ice breaker session that consists of fun and games and interactive introduction sessions. Once everyone gets to know each other and the awkwardness is diluted a bit, change the focus of the night to the goals and expectations of the company.

Make your point that while the company and its employees party like a rock star, they also work hard at every given opportunity to meet their targets. The focus should be on highlighting the team spirit of the company and making everyone feel at home and welcome so that they can feel like a integral part of the company right away!

The main objective of arranging fun games is to provide a lot of time to the team members to socialize with each other. But if most of their time is getting wasted in reaching the location, it won’t do any good in support of building trust and cooperation among team members.