How Can you Make your Exhibition Stands and Displays More Interactive?

When you participate in a trade show, your exhibition stand becomes the centre of all attraction. The stand is your own temporary shop-window, showcasing products and services offered by your company. Understandably, the success of your trade show participation depends on how effective your stand is in diverting more traffic towards you and away from your competitors. Keeping this in mind, you must make every effort to make your exhibition stands attractive and interactive so that people actually stay back and enjoy every moment inside. This will give you more time and the perfect opportunity to tap potential customers and collect as many leads as possible.


Making your Exhibition Stand Interactive

It is easy to make your exhibition stands interactive and interesting. All you need is a little imagination and some extra investment for your exhibition stands and promotional items.


Audio-visual Interaction

In this age of technology and digital applications, exhibitions visitors (especially children) naturally get attracted to stands that feature audio-visual interactions. A short movie on your products is definitely more interesting than merely browsing through brochures and pamphlets. Viewers usually stay till the end of such movies and ask a lot of questions afterwards. You can also evaluate viewer response as they remain engrossed in watching the movie.


Interactive Quiz

A good quiz session can really create a buzz around your stall. By using interactive technology, you can easily set up an interactive quiz feature where visitors answer questions through touch-pads and the responses are analyzed by a central computer that displays the correct answer.

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