How Powerful Are Explainer Videos In Marketing Your Business?

The competition among online entrepreneurs is becoming tougher and tougher. This is the reason many business owners are discovering the potential of explainer videos in improving brand awareness. An explainer video is interactive and it presents your company’s objectives minus the words. Since people turn to YouTube to obtain information and get entertained at the same time, making online videos for your business gives you better exposure.


What Are The Different Types Of Animation For Explainer Videos You Can Use?

•    Cartoon and 2D Animation – A two-dimensional or 2D animation is a classic type of animation and it is suitable for all viewers regardless of their age range. This type of animation is ideal for brands of energy drinks, tea, cereal etc.

•    3D Animation – The more advanced version of 2D animation is referred to as 3D animation and this involves more graphics, characters and movement. These images are created using Computer Generated Imagery or CGI. With this animation, characters on your videos are more realistic. Online advertisements, movies and TV programmes use this type of animation and if you intend to use it for your explainer videos make sure it has life-like quality.


•    Stop Motion Animation – This process involves making a static object. When put together, these static objects move in sequence. Some of the popular animated movies that use this kind of animation include Coraline, Wallace and Gromit and many others.

•    Whiteboard Animation – If you want to give your explainer video some elements of surprise and creativity, whiteboard animation is suitable for you. With this animation, you bring the artist’s hand writing and drawing to life. An explainer video becomes more communicative with this animation. It is best for demonstrating how your products work. It can also be used for academic purposes. Try this for your benefit. Hire the explainer video Chicago.


Some Considerations When Making An Explainer Video

Before you choose which type of animation you are going to use for your video, make sure you are clear with your objective. Gain solid understanding of the different techniques and styles employed in making an explainer video. You should be aware of your target market so you can present the kind of videos that are compelling and informative.

With the growing potential of explainer videos it is indeed worth considering not only to increase your conversion rates but to gain better branding as well. It only takes a few minutes for you to get your viewer’s interest and this is the reason every minute counts on making an online video. You do not just grab your viewer’s attention but you also provide them useful information on how they can benefit from your product and services.

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