How to Identify if your Home and Surroundings are Right for Solar Power Energy

Having solar energy at home provides you with the opportunity to power your home with only a minimal need for any other alternate source of energy. This way you can make it possible to power your entire home with green energy without connecting with any kind of alternate source of energy. Needless to say, solar power also saves you a lot of money. The money you spend in the beginning and the money you are going to save in the long run are the two factors you should consider while choosing the right type of solar panels. However, before you make any decision, you should first consider your home and its surroundings and check if they are right for solar power energy.

Space Inside your Home

Inverter is the bulkiest piece of equipment. You should have sufficient space inside your house to place it, as cool air needs to circulate around it to function properly. A clear space of 2 meters high by 1 meter wide is always preferable. A loft or a garage that is spacious is the best option for the inverter to place. Considerable amount of space next to the meter of a fuse board is also needed. See Home Theatre

Grid Connection

Usually, most of the homes have single-phase connections. Up to 4kWp system is supported with a single-phase connection. And this is the maximum size for domestic places. If you require a bigger system than this, then you need to get some special permission, with respect to the region you are living in.

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