How to Match a Photo Booth with the Event

A number of events in our life that we want to capture and store as permanent memories. This could be a birthday party, wedding event or a social gathering. In these days of the mobile revolution, people are quick to capture the photographs with the camera mobiles and share them on social websites. However, the events are meant to be enjoyed by the hosts and guests and this exercise of capturing the event in photographs is best left to the professionals. The photo booth hire specifically takes care of the all the aspects and generates a good event record for you. Let us see how to match a photo booth with the event.


It is better to book a photo booth prior to the event. This will allow you to find out the details of the services and ensure a good deal. In the last minute bookings you not only end up paying higher but also there is a chance that you may not be able to get a good photo booth on hire.



Event coverage:

Check with the photo booth company to identify the events they service. You should be able to find your event in their service lists. They normally cover anniversaries, graduation parties, reunions, sporting events, birthdays and weddings. Check with them for popular areas that they cover. Normally you should be able to find a popular hotel, beach, park etc. in their listings that happens to be near to your locality and suits you. However, if you have decided the event place to be your home or a community hall, ensure that the photo booth hire would provide the coverage there.

Photo sessions:

The company should set up the photo booth prior to the event and the guests should be able to use it as per their convenience. In addition, there should a number of backdrop options, decorations and drapes to provide for the right kind of ambience for the photo-shoot. Certain photo booths provide the props as part of the package while others charge for them. Ensure that you settle it at the time of photo booth hire. The picture quality is dependent on the booth lighting. Only the professional photo booths can take care of this aspect. Have a look at their past work to get an idea.


The photo booth company should be able to share the photographs online from where they can be downloaded by you and your guests. These can then be further uploaded to the social media sites. However, some people prefer to have the event recorded in the scrapbook. You can place the order for the same at an agreed price.

Thus, with these simple steps you can go in for a photo booth hire that is matching to your event requirements. A good professional job results in permanent memories that you cherish for your lifetime.