How to Properly Clean Skylights

Skylights are known to be one of the best things that you can place in your room in order for it to look amazingly stylish and for you to have a natural light source at the vicinity of your very own comfort zone which is the bedroom. Expect that the help of skylights will assure you a nice way to go to the rooftop, and rest assured that you will be able to have a nice view of the lovely sky if you have this installed at your rooftop. This is known to be a window and a door that leads to the top of your house if you want it that way.

It’s also good to know that you can have an easy time installing a skyline at your home, and you can get the best services that will surely help you out in picking out the right design as well as the right methods to put it on your roof. Making sure that you also clean it out the right way is also a must to do in order for you to have a good design, and to always make the view of the sky clear at your room. Maintaining the skylight is very easy just like cleaning up the window of your home. Here are the easy steps on cleaning skylights:


Remove all Furnishings

To avoid some accidents and waste of money, remove all of the furniture that you have directly under the skylight so that you will be able to feel safe when cleaning it.

Put Something to Filter the Water

Since you’re going to get the skylight wet, make sure that you try and put some plastic or any kind of drop cloth that can prevent any drips once you start cleaning it. Take note that this is optional, so be sure to mop the floor instead if you will never be able to do it.

Use a Mop, or a Ladder with a Cloth

There are some extendable mops that you can use in order for you to properly clean this up. But if you don’t have that, then just use a cloth with a ladder that you can use for your skyline. Just be careful, and apply the right water and solution. Shampoo can be a good alternative solution if you don’t have a solution for cleaning glass.

Dry it Up

The best way to dry this up is with the use of a dry cloth. You can use spare towels that you generally use for cleaning purposes so that you can have a better way to dry your sky light out.

Climb to Clean up the Other side

The other side must be cleaned out, so make sure that you try and use the ladder to climb towards the roof in order for you to clean up the other side to assure perfect cleanliness. However, you need to take note that safety is a must as well once you’re there.