Importance of Choosing the Right Refrigeration System for Frozen Meat Products

Refrigeration made life easier for all humans on the planet as they were able to store food for days easily. However different groups of food were suited to different cooling and refrigeration processes and this need has created useful systems like commercial refrigerators. To understand what kind of refrigeration process would work best for frozen meat products you have to first understand how the system works and the points by which different systems can be compared.

Principles in which refrigeration works

Commercial refrigeration works on the principle that when two different objects are kept at separate temperatures both objects undergo a temperature change. The object at a higher temperature becomes cooler and the object at a lower temperature becomes hotter. This is based on the second law of thermodynamics.

HFC is used as the refrigerant in most modern commercial refrigerators. HFC is compressed and transmitted through the power coils of the refrigerator and then it changes into a liquid. When HFC allows itself to undergo low pressure it will start boiling and changing into a gas. This will in turn suck up all the heat from the environment and you will be left with a fridge.

The process restarts when the compressor again receives the cold gas.

If you own and run a small set up then an undercounter refrigerator can meet your needs. You can keep the frozen meat in the undercounter commercial refrigerator under the sink. Your decision should be based on the type of meat product you store and the space in your kitchen.