Importance of Regular Checkup and Maintenance of Your Home Security System

One essential part of a household nowadays is the security system. But just your car, this needs proper maintenance on a regular basis to avoid lapses. Security systems can develop faults when one or more of the wire loops connecting the various sensors and magnetic contacts placed in the building goes kaput. When this happens, your alarm system will raise a warning noise. But until the problem is fixed, the system will not be back to normal and will not function in case of emergencies.

What are the things included in the system servicing package?

You can talk to the alarm company you have taken the system from and ask them for details of the servicing package provided to customers and the prices thereof. It is always better to get your system checked by licensed Commercial Security Alarm than by other people who may not be as trustworthy. Though different companies have different packages, these are the things normally included in a servicing package:

• Control panel testing and checking that all communication pathways to the response centre and the monitoring team are working fine
• Inspection and testing of all sensors and other detection devices installed in the house
• Checking the power supply and other sources of power
• Testing the batteries and fuses in the circuits
• Inspection of all the wiring systems and everything else in place

One of the common reason why the security alarm system is not working well is :

The tamper circuit has gone kaput

The tamper circuit inside the main control panel is like one big series of wire loops that connects all the passive infrareds, shock sensors, and the magnetic contacts installed in the building. It can go open-circuit for a variety of reasons like a break in the wiring, or a loose lid in any of the sensors placed in your home. This internal break causes a tamper signal to sound off which can be stopped by punching in the alarm disruption code. However, the circuit itself will not work unless the tamper circuit is in place again. You can check for this by checking for a blinking LED light on the panel saying Tamper.

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