Instagram Printer Hire Keeps Your Guests Entertained

You are having your wedding, a product launch, your birthday or any other event and you want to make sure that people will have lots of fun and the night will go off with a bang?

Then you certainly need instagram printer hire Melbourne. Hiring a photographer might get quite expensive and besides that people might not feel very comfortable having a person around them taking pictures when they eat for example. So why not let them take pictures of themselves with the smartphones, upload them to Instagram and then print them while still at the party?

Yes, technology has gone that far. Just choose a unique hashtag for your party and tell guests to get snapping. The photo booth is already a thing of the past. Why gather people in a box, when they can take pictures wherever they want. However, they want?

Instagram printer hire is also perfect for companies. At the next promo, event or product launch make sure you create some buzz with the Instagram printer. People will continuously hashtag what is happening at the event, and you will increase your company’s valuable awareness on social media.

Hashtags bring people together, whether they are family and friends, clients, consumers or attendees at an event. They simply take the pictures and upload them on Instagram. What’s really nice is that if they do not like a picture, they simply do not upload it. They have the freedom to choose what they hashtag and what not.

Prices for Instagram printer hire vary from $500 to $1,000 depending on how many hours you want to rent it, if you need an attendant, if you want a photo album or a customized strip. Most companies offer delivery and set up for free, and some of them include in the packages they are offering magnets, a USB stick with all the photos, video messaging and a fun prop box.

Most companies offer personalized packages according to what each customer needs and wants. Renting an Instagram printer is easy and a perfect way to keep your guests entertained and offers them the possibility to create and keep unique photos at your event.

The printed photos are back in business. You can keep them in your wallet, turn them into fridge magnets or simply add them to your photos’ wall collection. Give it a try and see how much fun your guests, friends, and family will have.