Keeping Your Caravan Safe

Are you having a problem because you are going to be away for a month and no one will be left in your house? You and your family are going to have the vacation you have been planning of. But the thing is you are worried where to leave your caravan. You have heard stories about caravan being left at home and stolen and not only that, the caravan even becomes a bait as because of it, the burglar realized that there was actually no one home and thus invaded it. Indeed, caravans can be attention getter thus if you are going to be away for a month, you should not just leave it in your garage. You should leave it somewhere where there will be someone to guard it. Take note that caravans are generally expensive and you even just got yours through installment basis.

There are already a number of caravan storage facilities that you can hire. at least when you will decide to rent a space, you know that someone will be watching over your caravan 24/7. Most of the time, that is the situation thus you can look for a similar caravan storage facility. When you choose a caravan storage facility, always keep in mind that you have many options thus if there is something you are not in favor of, you can always look for another.


 One thing you must make sure though is that your caravan will be ready for the month long storage. If you don’t know how to prepare it, then you can check online for some tips. Just don’t forget that it should be perfectly cleaned, no water or even dampness inside and definitely not left over foods.

As for the caravan storage facility, make sure that you are with a legitimate company, that means they are licensed, bonded and insured. Check out their facility in person so that you can really see if they are with the latest state of the art security accessories like cctvs, electronic locked gates or if not, gates with big padlocks and of course the 24/7 security guard. Another thing is check the surrounding if it is clean and there are no bugs and pests running around. Take note that as you need to leave the doors of your vehicle open so that it will not develop dampness inside, it might be invaded by them.

Another thing, when you choose the storage, choose the one that is nearer to the gate so that you can easily drive it in and then pull it out. And whenever there will be some accidents, your caravan will be the first to be pulled out as well.

As what is mentioned above, all vehicles are generally expensive thus make sure that you will take good care of yours. Remember you have probably installed that for a number of months, it just sucks when it will get damaged for just a month that you will leave it. So, entrust it only to a well equipped caravan storage facility in Melbourne.