What to Look for in a Hypnotherapy Practitioner

You’ve seen in the movies how hypnotherapists can make their patients do strange things including barking like a dog and clucking like a chicken. However, you shouldn’t perceive them as people who hypnotise you for their own good. They do it to inspire positive outcomes in your life. Of course, you shouldn’t go to any hypnotherapy practitioner as you may not get your desired results. Here are things you must look for in one:


The first thing you must do when choosing amongst many practitioners is to see their certification. After all, it’s the proof that they underwent rigorous training to do what they’re currently doing. It’s not safe to book a session with someone who’s not certified. She may have just researched what she must do in the session. There’s a strong possibility the session won’t be effective.

Member of Many Associations

When a hypnotherapy practitioner is a member of many organisations, you’ll know she also knows many people in the industry. When the situation is right, she can connect you with the people you need to go to. You’ll also conclude she’s someone who likes to socialise with other practitioners.

Many Diplomas

You’ll know when a professional is serious about the work she’s getting into when she has many diplomas. Of course, the diplomas must relate to her duties as a hypnotherapy practitioner. Besides, she wouldn’t dedicate so much time learning about hypnotherapy if she doesn’t believe in it.

Shamarie is a leading hypnotherapy practitioner in Adelaide. She’s a certified past life regression therapist and she also earned a certificate in initiatic art therapy. Her methods have proven to be effective to many of her past patients so it’s no surprise how she’s gotten favourable testimonials. For any questions, feel free to give her a call or send her a message on Skype.