Making a Promotional Video

Promotional video production is one of the most popular forms of marketing that big businesses and small businesses alike are using to market their products and processes to their consumers. There are five important steps to successful promotional video production.

• Strategic planning

This is where you plan how your video is going to perform and the impact it’s going to have on your audience. At this point you are going to have to do some research on exactly what your consumers expect from you and all the questions they have about your product and business in general then create a video that is going to answer all their questions in a simple and caring way.

• Establishing the story of the video

For promotional video production to be successful, you will need to establish the methods and tools that are going to be needed for the production but most importantly, the story of the video. You need to organize professional actors, if using, testimonial videos, explainer videos and anything else you are going to need for the pre-production process.

Remember that the video will communicate your intent and service to your consumers and so it needs to be perfect.

• Filming the promotional video

This is mostly the technical stage of promotional video production, nothing fancy at all. At this point however, you are not just making any video, you are a marketer. The message of your marketing campaign has to be strong all though the video.

Putting together the video, audio, graphics and text

This is a very crucial stage in making your promotional video production. It involves editing out parts that don’t speak for your campaign and giving a smooth transition to the spirit of the message. This includes adding good music in the background and removing any fluff.

Marketing and distribution

Once your video is ready and you have confirmed that it communicates your message perfectly, it is now time to release it to the public. You can edit viral video marketing for the best results. You can upload the video on YouTube and start by asking your local clients, friends and family to view the video. Within no time, your video will be in nearly every computer around the world.

Video production is one of the best ways to spread word about your product an cultivating a good relationship with your clients by always keeping them posted on anything new your business is engaging in.