Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Mites love to propagate in dirty carpets. These organisms lay their eggs on the carpet which is one of the reasons why susceptible individuals get asthma attacks and other related medical conditions. To prevent that from happening, it is advisable to have the carpet professionally cleaned annually. You may argue that you clean it every day, but the carpet cleaning methods employed by the professionals get down into the very deep-seated dirt of the carpet. Not only that, the professional carpet cleaning Perth will also repair your carpet to make it look new and fresh.

1)    Soil removal carpet cleaning method- a very powerful industrial vacuum cleaner is utilized so as to get down into the hardened soil on the carpet. Ordinary household vacuum cleaners cannot do the job. Industrial vacuum cleaner has a strong sucking action that can really remove even the toughest soil that has accumulated through the years.

2)    Soil suspension carpet cleaning method- this involves the application of a chemical on the carpet which acts as soil softener. After the chemical application, a heat is applied on the carpet and then it is agitated so the chemical can further go down the carpet. This action will further break down the hardened soil and once the vacuum cleaner is used, the soil will be sucked out from the carpet.

3)    Bonnet carpet cleaning method- this is also referred to as the dry cleaning method. A solution is initially applied on the carpet to loosen the dirt. Then a powerful vacuum cleaner with a bonnet attachment is utilized so as to suck the dirt from the carpet. The bonnet attachment is equipped with a absorbent pad.

4)    Shampoo carpet cleaning method- this method utilizes an attachment that has soft bristles with rotating function. A shampoo comes out from the bristles and then rotates to produce foam. This foam will then loosen-up the dirt. The professional carpet cleaners then wait for the carpet to get dry because the loosened dirt turns into a capsule form, then, they use another powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of these capsules.

5)    Absorbent dry compound carpet cleaning method- unlike the bonnet method, dry powder is applied on the carpet. The powder can be likened to a magnet as the dirt gets attracted to it and then forms into a capsule. After which, a vacuum cleaner is utilized to remove these capsules from the carpet.

6)    In-plant carpet cleaning method- the carpet is taken to the plant and then washed and allowed to dry in a temperature-controlled environment.