Methods Of Demolition

Demolition means to tear down building and other structures. It collects valuable items for re use and destruct the rest of the material. It also depends upon the area and the building material. There must be some safety tips and methods as well as bringing down the building. More than one method can be used in the demolition of building. Building can be brings down manually as well as automatically by using large hydraulic machinery. Some of the methods are discussed below:

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1. By Hand: Hand demolition method is not that fast because it only contains hand tools, cranes and shear legs are just used to hold the beams.

2. Implosion: Large building, chimneys and smaller structures are destroyed by building implosion. This process is done by explosion. It only takes some seconds, but the one who is looking all this must be sure about it that neighboring structures should not be damaged. This method is usually used in urban areas with taller structures. In order to prepare for implosions it takes months and weeks. Floors are selected where implosive should be use. Their try is to use small explosive so that they can control it easily.

3. Demolition with ball: Structures can be brings down by ball demolition and most of the structures are now going down by this process. This need skilled practice and cannot be done by the self taught person. This method is the most appropriate and this method is use for the suffered structure and double storey buildings. It’s hazards include noise, dust, flying debris and vibration to the neighboring structures. These people are trained by experts and they work under experts supervision until they are competent.

4. Pusher arm demolition: These machines have high output and they are amazingly mobile. This method is not suitable for tall buildings in busy area. When using these methods you should be careful about some things like operator should be trained and expert, must have some experience. First use hand demolition to bring the building at the level where the pushing procedure can be start. Always work outside the building and never let anyone enter the building during work and wrecking. Make sure that the site is secured and safe to prevent any unintentional accident and mishap.

5. By wire rope: This method is used for building, bridges and steel chimneys. Don’t let anyone in between machine or below the rope. Make sure that the ropes are secured.

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