Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaners

Here are some of the common misconceptions of people when hiring carpet cleaners:

Carpet Cleaners

  • Wait for dirt to accumulate before you clean the flooring

This is a misconception, simply because the more dirt is accumulated, the higher the chances it may harm you or even damage your carpets. Cleaning the carpets regularly is a better practice.

  • Clean carpets only to remove dirt

This is another myth, simply because you’ll never know how much dirt is in your carpets. One thing to answer this is by setting up a scheduled date for cleaning your carpets, depending on how much foot traffic it holds.

  • One cleaning method is enough

There is no best method, and each of them has their own benefits. Dry cleaning is the most popular. This uses foam to dry the carpet and vacuum it, whilst steam cleaning uses high pressure to remove bacteria and pollens. Choosing the best method depending on the need will allow a longer use of this flooring type.

  • One cleaning equipment type is okay

This is not true, simply because there are lots of equipment that you can allow to use for your carpet. It will take two or more to make it clean and safe for use.

  • The lowest price matters

This is a false idea since the price speaks about the service quality and that’s common in the market, too. You may save costs but at the expense of the cleaning method and equipment used.

  • There must be an exact price quote

This is another myth that most people believe because people want to save up whilst getting the service. The best way to answer this is to balance the costs and the highest of quality the company can offer.

  • No need for commitments

This is not the best way to put it, simply because you need a regular clean-up of your carpets. Appointing schedules and choosing the right company for the job makes a lot of difference.

Hiring carpet cleaners is supposed to be an easy venture if you debunk these misconceptions, especially when you want to have a clean and safe indoor environment. When it comes to the best carpet-cleaning methods, Brightaire Property Services is ready to help to make it happen. For more information, visit their website or give them a direct call for price enquiries.