Moving Schedule: What to do before removalists arrive

You’re moving out of your old place and into the new. You have all the paperwork done to secure your new place. But lest you get caught up with the exhilaration of having a change of scenery or the stress of leaving your comfort zone, it pays to have a set schedule before the Sunshine Coast removalists┬ácome and get your things.

The countdown to prepare yourself and your possessions for the arrival of the removalists is ticking. Make a note on your schedule realistic guidelines on what you should have accomplished before the end of these time periods.

  • 3 to 2months. Get everything in one carry-all folder that you can refer to every time. Shortlist local removalists in your area and get quotes regarding the costs of their services. Choose the one that fits your budget and has ample insurance to cover your stuff. Stock up on packing supplies from a local supplies shop. Monitor your post and list down who needs to know about your new address. Before the time period ends, you should be able to sort through your possessions and de-clutter.
  • A month. Inform the listed people, businesses, and establishments about the change of address. Catalogue your furniture and which items need to go together in a box. Schedule when services that your old address terminate, preferably on the day you vacate the premises. If you like your provider, they should be able to transfer their services to your new place. Plan your meals based on what’s on your fridge or freezer and consume before the move. Make a list of the items on moving day and choose valuables that you want to transport by yourself. Schedule a cleaning service for your place and a suitable time for the bond inspection, for renters.
  • A week or two. Confirm service details with your removalists and if they need any upfront payment before signing the contract. Carry on with the packing and cleaning of your place. Take apart furniture and wrap them securely. Make sure you label and add them to the moving inventory. Roster off a day or two from work on the day of your move.
  • 2 to 3 days. Unplug appliances such as the washing machine, freezers, etc. and put aside items that the new tenants might need such as keys or remote. Keep plants dry and secure them for the move. Set tools handy on a tray. Safeguard valuables and documents on a prominent place with label so the removal team won’t transport it. Prepare food and refreshments in the esky to keep you nourished throughout the move. Pack an overnight bag with change of clothing, toiletries, etc.

On the day of the move, you should be able to orient the movers what to take, where to go and exchange mobile numbers. Tick items off your list as they are hauled off to the truck. Do another thorough check and secure the place before you leave.