Photo Booth photos with pets: What To Do Before Having Your Photo Taken

Domesticated animals, also known as pets, have their certain hold on a people’s hearts. Some people would treat them like their very own children and give them dresses to give a boost in the cute factor. When there are events that will make use of a photo booth hire and will allow animals in the venue, then bring your furry friend and have your photo taken together! Before having your photos however, there are a few steps that have to be taken in order to make your photo booth hire experience with your best friend a blast.

Make sure your pet is calm

If your pet is not used to going around with you, he or she may be feeling sketchy and will either run away to find a place he or he may be most comfortable with or will go around the venue looking at all the sights, listening to all the new sounds and smelling all the new scents. When this happens, assure your pet that everything is all fine and that you are there to keep him or her safe. If everything is already good to go, then it’s time for you two to step inside the photo booth hire.

To carry or not to carry?

A photo booth hire can come in several types such as a closed, photo booth machine or an open area booth operated by a human. Nevertheless, these will all make you think about how your pet should be featured in the photo. Small to medium sized pets can easily be carried by their owners regardless of whatever the type of photo booth is featured in the event. Larger animals such as working or sporting dogs have no choice but to stay on the floor either sitting or standing unless if the owner is strong enough to carry them. If the booth has an open area, the owner can let his or her pet sit or stand while he or she is standing or sitting beside the animal. Otherwise, they can sit side by side in the booth.


Say cheese!

When everything is ready, including your pet, then the cameras can snap the photographs! The photos will be delivered instantly and you will be able to take home a photo of you and your pet together. The result will be pretty amazing as animals have their own range of facial expressions, especially cats and dogs. It might surprise you on what your pet might be showing once you get your photographs.