Items that would make a Photo Souvenir Unique

In a photo booth hire, there will always be items that a package includes when hiring their services for an event. These items are made for adding fun and spice to the photographs being taken and they can be used for free as the use of the items are included in the rental fee along with the hiring of the photo booth. Hire photo booth, they offer a lot of props to their clients and here are three different items that they can lend to their clients during the events when their services are needed.


One of the most common, items that are available for use in a photo booth hire service is a mask. These masks can come in different types such as full rubber face masks of animals or people or can just be plain face masks. While a mask can hide the person’s identity in the photograph being taken, it makes photos very unique for the reason that the people in the photographs can pretend they are with someone or something else like a past president, an anthropomorphic animal or a cartoon character just to name a few.

Prop Kits

photo booth prop kit is another common feature in a photo booth hire and it has plenty of items in a single pack. Prop kits are items usually made in plastic and in most instances would go with a theme and will have at least four (4) items on it. A classic example of prop kits are ninja packs where the prop kit includes having assorted weapons such as throwing stars, throwing knifes, short swords and possibly even ninja masks for people to use. With prop kits, people having their photos taken will have a chance to make a scene in their photographs.

Speech bubbles

Speech bubbles are items that are common features in a photo booth hire. These speech bubbles comes with different sayings or jargons that have made it in today’s pop culture like internet lingo and memes to name a few. There are also some speech bubbles where it can be customized by the people in the photograph as messages can be written on using chalk or a marker. This can be a great way for people to make shout outs to friends or family who are not in the photograph.