Plain Coloured Curtains vs Designed Curtains

The type of curtains does play a significant role in setting up the tone of your house. Plain colored curtains exemplify simplicity and fundamentalism. If you want your house to give a soothing and simple feel then you should go for the play colored curtains. The absence of any kind of design gives them a non-judgmental look and doesn’t stress your minds regarding the patterns made on the curtain fabric. Overall a nice and simple feel is provided by plain curtains.

Designer curtains

If you are not in a mood to settle with a simplistic feel and want your living or dining room to light up with fashion then you can opt for the designer curtains. You can get a designer to fabricate attractive designs on the curtains to make them look attractive and go along with the décor of the house. However what needs to be kept in mind is that inclusion of too much of erratic design may ruin up the whole look. Be sure to keep the designing under a certain limit and keep it in sync with the rest of the decorations of the house.

Size of the curtains

Curtain size is another important thing to see before hitting the shops. Floored curtains, though incur a relative higher cost, give a premium and noble look to the house. Their coverage from the top of the window pane to the floor makes the whole setting of the curtain look so elegant. The still length curtains are mostly used in the bathroom or kitchen settings.