Planning the Snacks Menu

Try to remember that the reason behind the celebration can vary greatly. A wedding party will bear no similarity with a birthday party. The guests too will have a different set of expectations from each of them. It is very important to blend the theme of the party with the flavour of the food.

The flowers, the décor and the colours must merge with each other. Great attention is paid to such details. Similar attention should be given to the snacks menu. Foods like olive bread and baguette must not only satiate your appetite. Snacks like Vintage cheddar and caramelized pear must be able to flare up the imagination of people.

Deciding the Menu

This is the trickiest part of the game. You might have invested lot of time and effort in doing the groundwork. But deciding on the menu is quite difficult. It all depends on the nature of the party. The guest list will provide you a fair idea about the expectations of your invitees. Finger food catering can do a good job. You might not be confident enough to handle the situation with the available resources.

A designer fruit platter laden with the seasonal fruits may go down well with the lover of healthy food. Chicken and cheese sausage might be genuinely appreciated elsewhere.

Party Equipments

You’ll need to ensure that all the items that you’ve asked for are delivered. It might happen that, the party hire equipments ends up delivering 45 tables and 490 chairs when you asked for 500 chairs and 40 tables.

Many clients make their own arrangements for picking up the necessary items and returning them, to economize on costs. Moreover, self pick-up ensures that you everything is in order. However, some firms might insist on delivering and picking up the party materials themselves. Check out with your party rental firm as to what is their policy.


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